Can I register in person at Get to Know You Night?

No. All our registration is online now and we no longer set up at GTKYN.


Why is the registration deadline so early?

There is a lot of preparation that goes on behind the scenes to get the season off the ground.  Part of that prep involves knowing the teams and player numbers to make decisions on how best to set up each division for success and the best year possible.  If we accept players up to the last minute, we are not able to make important decisions which affect all the players until it is almost too late.


Where do I find my child's Hockey Canada ID number?

You will need to sign up for a Spordle HCR account prior to registering for the 22/23 season.  Once that is completed and your child(ren) are linked to your account, your child's Hockey Canada ID is located directly below their name.


How do I add an additional child to my existing account?

Click the Parent Respect in Sport button on the bottom of the Home page.  Log in using the email address and password you used to complete your Respect in Sport course.  Once logged in, click "Profile" in the top menu, then click "Child Management".  Click the "Add Child" button at the bottom of the page and add your new player's information.


Where do I find my Parent Respect in Sport expiry date?

Go to Log in using the email address and password you used to complete your Respect in Sport course. Click members on the lefthand side and then select the child and click Qualifications, there you will be able to see the expiry date on the right hand side.


Can I pay my registration fees offline if I do not wish to pay by credit card online?

Yes.  Simply choose the "Pay Offline" option and make arrangements with the registrar to pay by cheque or cash in person.


Do I have to pay my kitchen fee even if I plan to work kitchen hours?

Yes.  You pay kitchen fees up front and are reimbursed from the kitchen once all of your hours have been completed for that season.


I have 3 children registered in hockey and/or figure skating.  Do I pay 3+ kitchen fees?

No.  You pay a maximum of 2 kitchen fees.  If all 3+ children are in hockey there is no need to notify the registrar.  If you have children combined in the hockey and figure skating programs you should let the registrar know.